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29th Jun 2023

Madonna rushed to hospital after being found unresponsive

Jack Peat

Her family were said to be preparing for the worse

Madonna was rushed to hospital after she was found unconscious in New York on Saturday, her manager Gary Oseary has revealed.

The 64-year-old was taken to the ICU and intubated overnight after suffering from a “serious bacterial infection”.

Her tour, which was due to begin in Vancouver on July 15th, has been postponed, although the pop idol is expected to make a full recovery.

According to Daily Mail reports, her condition became so serious that her relatives were “preparing for the worst”.

A relative told the newspaper that they spent several traumatic days unsure if she was going to pull through.

The family member said the shocking collapse was a wake-up call for Madonna, who believes she is ‘invincible’ and has been pushing herself extremely hard to prepare for the tour.

“She has not been living as healthy a life as she should be for her age, and she has been wearing herself thin over the past couple of months.

“She thinks that she is still young when, in fact, she is not. She also believes that she is invincible.”

Sources close to the singer said she has been working around the clock to ensure that her tour is perfect, with one revealing that she has been rehearsing six days a week.

Another told in April that she was “driving everyone up the wall with her perfectionism”.

“She will put her career and her fame before her health until the day she is dead”, they said.

Madonna’s representatives are yet to comment on the relative’s claims.

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