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26th May 2021

Lisa Nandy says Jeremy Corbyn shouldn’t be Labour MP until he apologises to Jewish community

Claudia McInerney

However John McDonnell says Labour leader Keir Starmer should reinstate Corbyn as a Labour MP

Labour politician Lisa Nandy told LBC that the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn should not sit as a Labour MP until he apologises to the Jewish community for the hurt he has caused them.

Lisa Nandy was asked by LBC’s Nick Ferrari why Jeremy Corbyn is still in the Labour Party after having the whip removed.

In response, the Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs said: “Well there was a process that was followed where he was suspended from the Labour Party and then readmitted in accordance with the rules.

“It’s not for me as a senior politician to interfere with those rules.”

On the issue the whip, Nandy said: “But I have to say I think Keir Starmer was right to withdraw the whip.

“As far as I’m aware, Jeremy hasn’t apologised for the hurt that he has caused to the Jewish community.

“And until he does I don’t think he should sit as a Labour MP.”

However, a former shadow chancellor John McDonnell said that the Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer should reinstate Jeremy Corbyn as a parliamentary Labour MP.