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26th May 2021

Liam Gallagher trolls brother Noel on Twitter, asking ‘why you such a massive c***?’

Charlie Herbert

Put those reunion plans on hold everyone.

Liam Gallagher has yet again made it very clear what he thinks of his brother, just in case any of us were in any doubt.

After Noal shared a post on social media asking fans for questions they wanted answering, Liam couldn’t resist launching a jibe at his brother and ex-bandmate. Which surely Noel must have seen coming a mile off.

A post on Noel’s Twitter page read: “Last chance to ask Noel anything about the last 10 years!

“Get your questions in the comments below by midnight (BST) tonight. #NGHFB10.”

This is as he celebrates a decade of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, hi project since Oasis’s infamous split in 2009.

And whilst many submitted meaningful questions about music and the band’s current projects and future plans, Liam was a bit more blunt. As Liam usually is.

He decided to ask his brother: “Why you such a massive c**t.”

A follower promptly criticised him for his message, writing: “Liam!! Think of your poor old mam! Her heart will be breaking.”

However the singer coolly replied: “She asked me to ask him.”

Of course, it’s difficult to know how much of this is just banter and how much is still genuine dislike between the pair.

As one person suggested that it was why Oasis would “never get back together,” Liam replied to them telling them to “have faith.” He also replied to another who said that his question wasn’t helping a potential reunion, saying: “Corse it is you wet wipe [sic].”

Liam has made little secret of the fact that he would be up for a reunion, however Noel seems less keen, recently telling Jonathan Ross on his chat show that he would only do a reunion for £100 million.

Can we get a GoFundMe going in time for Glastonbury 2022?