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14th Dec 2021

Kentucky factory workers told they would be fired if they left as tornado hit

Danny Jones

Kentucky factory workers threatened with firings if they left during tornado

Company officials have obviously denied the allegations

Workers in a Kentucky factory where at least eight people died were told to stay in work otherwise they would be fired as tornadoes ripped through the US state this past weekend.

As reported by NBC News, at least five workers from Mayfield Consumer Products said “supervisors warned employees that they would be fired if they left their shifts early” as the tornadoes headed towards them, with severe weather warnings already issued.

The state saw its worst-ever tornadoes with more than 70 killed as a result of the storms which tore through homes and businesses on Friday. Mayfield was one of the worst-hit areas in the region, as various states across America were hit.

More than 90 people have now been rescued from the rubble but sadly eight deaths have already been confirmed and at least eight other employees are yet to be accounted for.

Kentucky tornado

US Rep. James Comer who represents the district told CNN that workers in the Kentucky factory had been “going 24/7” in an effort to meet demand this Christmas season, with many of those present when the tornado hit working overtime and nightshifts.

CBS Evening News heard from the families of those lost and survivors alike:

This was by no means the only incident of employees being trapped inside workplaces either, as more than 100 people were also stuck inside an Amazon warehouse in Collinsville, Illinois as well.

At least six people are now confirmed dead and the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration is launching an investigation into the incident after the roof of the warehouse collapsed during the storm.

It is thought that some 50 or so tornadoes were reported across six different US states between Friday and Saturday alone and the final death toll has yet to be confirmed.

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