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12th Jun 2017

John Oliver’s take on the General Election and Brexit is absolutely brilliant

Paul Moore

Fans of Lord Buckethead need to see this.

Given that John Oliver is arguably the best political commentator that’s on TV, we were eagerly awaiting his take on the recent general election and we’re delighted to say that he didn’t disappoint.

Despite foraging ahead with plans to form a government with the controversial DUP, there’s no doubting the fact that the election was a disaster for Theresa May as her position of power within the Conservative party has diminished.

With Brexit negotiations due to begin in the next few weeks, Britain is entering a pivotal period in its long term future, but in an environment of such uncertainty, it’s clear that one person/Lord has thrived.

In recent days, the power of Lord Buckethead has extended beyond his constituency of Maidenhead because ‘The Dark Lord of the Bucket’ has become an Internet sensation.

In fact, during this segment on Last Week Tonight, John Oliver included a perfect insight into why Lord Buckethead’s manifesto and no nonsense approach is perfect for Britain.

In what he described as the most honest statement about the difficulty and complexity of the Brexit negotiations, Oliver featured an interview with Lord Buckethead where he said “Your Prime Minister, your MP, called this election about Brexit. Have we heard from her about what she plans to do about Brexit? No! This is madness. On Thursday, you are going to be faced with Prime Minister May, or Prime Minister Corbyn, against 27 Prime Ministers form the European Union. It will be a shitshow!”

All hail Lord Buckethead. He’s clearly the man that Britain needs to send to Brussels.

Clip via – LastWeekTonight