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09th Jun 2017

Lord Buckethead is on Twitter and it’s an absolute gift

Paul Moore

The real winner of the general election.

Given that Theresa May plans on leading the Tories into a minority coalition with the DUP, there are still doubts about the stability of the UK’s immediate political future.

The general election has seen a resurgence for Labour and while the Prime Minister maintains the support of her party, there’s no denying that she’s in an incredibly precarious position as the Brexit negotiations are about to begin.

Given the disastrous campaign that May ran, it’s very likely that she runs the risk of being dispatched within her own party.

This being said, the general election saw certain candidates solidify their positions. For example, Jeremy Corbyn has quietened any opposition in the Labour party but his achievements pale in comparison to Mr Fishfinger and Lord Buckethead.

Regarding the ‘Dark Lord of the Bucket’, it’s clear to see why 249 voters were inspired by his rhetoric.

Who wouldn’t vote for policies like Ceefax to be brought back immediately, the nationalisation of Adele or legislation for the hunting of fox-hunters.

Lord Buckethead has been advocating social progress for months now and his Twitter account has some absolute gems.

See, he has empathy for Diane Abbott.

He’s up to date with foreign affairs.

A Lord of the people.

He’s clearly media savvy.

Excellent choice in chocolate bars.

Fond of a pint.

Expresses his emotions.

All in all, he should be proud of that campaign.