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28th May 2024

Jeremy Clarkson says teenagers should work on farms instead of national service

Charlie Herbert

jeremy clarkson says teenagers should work on a farm instead of doing national service

Clarkson labelled national service as ‘obviously idiotic’

Jeremy Clarkson has suggested that teenagers are work on farms instead of being made to do national service.

Over the weekend, Rishi Sunak announced his new scheme to bring back national service for all 18-year-olds if the Conservatives win the upcoming election.

The plan would see teenagers given the choice of a full-time military placement for 12 months or a scheme to volunteer for one weekend a month for a year.

But the policy has been widely criticised from voices on both sides of the political spectrum, with Jeremy Clarkson the latest to slam the plans.

The Diddly Squat Farm owner labelled the return of national service as “obviously idiotic” and suggested an alternative to the policy should be that kids work on farms for a period of time.

Ever since he entered the world of farming, the 64-year-old has been a vocal supporter of farmers, and has often highlighted how difficult the industry is.

In a post on X, Clarkson wrote: “Here’s an idea. Instead of national service, which is obviously idiotic, how about kids working on farms.”

Replying to someone in the comments who suggested that he needed some “free child labour,” Clarkson said he would pay.

Giving more details about their plan to introduce national service for the first time since 1960, the Tories said they estimate the programme would cost £2.5bn a year by 2029/30.

The mandatory placement would be selective and involve working with the armed forces or in cyber defence.

Tests would be carried out to determine people’s physical and mental eligibility, and the alternative volunteering option would see young people spending 25 days with organisations such as the police, the fire service, the NHS, or charities that work with older isolated people.

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