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24th Oct 2021

Jeremy Clarkson says ‘f**king government’ will ‘c**k everything up’ as he collects award

Charlie Herbert

Jeremy Clarkson hits out at government

He made the comments at the British Farming Awards.

Jeremy Clarkson launched an attack at the “f**king government,” threatening to “f**k them up the a**” in the second series of his farming series, Clarkson’s Farm.

The former Top Gear host made the comments as he picked up the ‘flying the flag for British agriculture’ award at the British Farming Awards on Thursday night in Birmingham.

Clarkson was full of praise for his co-star Kaleb Cooper, before turning his attention to Boris Johnson’s government.

In a clip shared by Save British Farming on Twitter, he said: “I just hope and pray we’re all still here in ten years time once this f**king government has c**ked up absolutely everything.”

With the crowd cheering, Clarkson continued: “We are doing a second series and we’re not going to take no nonsense lying down, I can assure you of that, so let’s just go f**k them up the a**, eh? Thanks everybody.”

This isn’t the first time that Jeremy has hit out at the government for their treatment of farmers and the farming industry.

Last month, he admitted that he was concerned for what the future may hold for Kaleb and others in the farming industry, going as far to say that the government’s neglect of farming is akin to “ethnic cleansing” as it is forcing farmers off their land.

He has also backed the National Farmers’ Union’s campaign for the UK’s food self-sufficiency to not go below 60 percent and that the country should in fact be 80 percent self-sufficient.

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He has also admitted that Brexit is presenting challenges for the farming industry, some of which have been well-documented in recent weeks.

In September, farmers warned that thousands of pigs could end up being culled due to labour shortages of abattoir workers and butchers.

Meanwhile, farmers in Scotland have reportedly had to throw away millions of heads of cauliflower and broccoli due to a lack of farmworkers and the shortage of HGV drivers that the UK is facing.