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17th Nov 2023

I’m A Celeb camp invaded by venomous snakes days before first episode

Nina McLaughlin

The I’m A Celeb camp has been plagued by some unwelcome visitors just days before the show kicks off

I’m A Celeb is due to begin on Sunday, but fans have grown concerned after news broke of a number of venomous snakes invading the camp.

The show is set to star a variety of names, with Nigel Farage, Jamie Lynn Spears and This Morning’s Josie Gibson due to be in the jungle.

However, the show’s Health and Safety Officer Jeremy Douglas has admitted that the camp is full of more snakes than usual as a result of the weather down under.

“We have had a lot of snakes on the site this year, possibly because it has been so humid,” he told The Sun.

“We have had pythons, and non-venomous and venomous species.

“You get small eyed snakes and brown tree snakes predominantly.”

Laura Woolf, an executive producer on the show, admitted that there has already been 15 sightings in the camp, and explained that she thinks it will only get worse.

“We’ve had 15 snake sightings across the site and then we’ve had to identify some venomous ones in camp.

“It gets worse when the celebs come in because they leave food everywhere. It’s like they don’t realise they’re living in a jungle!”

The show’s hosts Ant and Dec had their own snake scare last week, as they reportedly saw a Eastern Brown Snake, the second most venomous in the world, near their apartment.

“Ant and Dec will have to keep their eyes peeled when on the beach and in the surrounding area. The snake has been spotted exactly where they hang out between shows and brown snakes are not to be messed with.

“Snakes are part of Aussie life but it is still scary to think one of these was slithering around so close by,” a source told The Mirror.