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12th Nov 2023

Iceland sparks debate with divisive new Christmas side dish

Charlie Herbert

Iceland christmas dish

‘Give me a sick bag’

Iceland has sparked debate with a divisive new Christmas side dish.

The frozen food retailer has launched “luxury sprouts wrapped in bacon”, leaving people divided on whether they love or hate the concept.

In a post shared in the Newfoodsuk Facebook group, someone posted a picture of the product, sparking thousands of comments from people who either thought the product sounded delicious or sounded disgusting.

The post has racked up some 3,500 reactions and 4,700 comments from divided foodies.

One person wrote: “Yes please, heaven I love both so to have them together yummy.”

Another commented: “Oh I’d love those I love sprouts and bacon.”

And a third added: “They look lush I love sprouts.”

But for every person voicing their love for the bacon-wrapped brussels, there was someone making clear that they found the idea disgusting.

One commentator made it very clear where they stood on the sprout, writing: “Give me a bag I’m going to be sick.”

Another added: “I don’t think so, I hate sprouts.”

And someone else wrote: “Sounds lovely apart from the sprouts.”

Meanwhile, another user compared the product to Marmite in terms of how much it had divided people, saying that “you love it or hate it.”

If you are in the anti-sprouts camp though, this could be a sign that you’re more highly evolved than sprout-lovers – and are better at detecting poison than most…

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