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30th Jan 2021

Ice cream man in Bolton loses licence after having meltdown at group of kids

An ice cream man who chased a group of children with a stick after they allegedly threw stones at his van has lost his trading licence

Reuben Pinder

No chill

An ice cream man in Bolton has lost his trading licence after he chased a group of children down the road with a stick.

The driver alleges the children threw stones at his van, and he simply wanted to get their information so he could inform their parents.

A Bolton Council committee did not buy into his reasoning, saying his actions posed a threat to public safety.

Minutes from the council stated the man wanted the children to get into his ice cream van, and that he “chased the children while holding a black baton in his hand” as they fled the seen.

The sub committee found two witness statements to be credible.

The ice cream man admitted in his written statement that he chased the children with a stick he retrieved from his vehicle, but changed his version of events in the council meeting, saying he did not chase them and nor did he have a weapon.