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06th Dec 2022

Home Depot worker, 83, dies after being pushed over by shoplifter

Steve Hopkins

‘Beyond our comprehension that someone would do this for a couple of power washers’

An 83-year-old Home Depot employee has died after being shoved over by a shoplifter in an incident that is now being treated as a homicide.

On 18 October, Gary Rasor was working at the North Carolina branch of Home Depot when a thief pushed a shopping cart containing three pressure washers past him in the gardening area.

The US Army veteran appeared to try and speak with the man but was shoved out of the way, causing him to fall and hit his head on a plant pot.

Rasor died on 1 December.

The following day the Hillsborough Police Department announced that Rasor’s death was a result of “complications from the injuries” he received at the hands of the shoplifter.

Rasor was reportedly left unable to walk after the incident and sustained multiple fractures, resulting in him never getting out of hospital. He was then there for for his 83rd birthday.

Rasor’s wife, Yovone, told CBS17 the hospital had plans to “send him to rehab to heal”.

However, Rasor’s condition deteriorated and he had to be rushed to ICU the day before Thanksgiving, where he remained until he passed away.

Yovone said: “I can’t get him back… that’s it,” Yovone said.

Rasor’s death has since been ruled as a homicide.

Police are actively searching for the shoplifter – who was caught on the Home Depot’s surveillance system.

The suspect is reported as being a Black man, around six feet tall. Authorities are also looking for a white Hyundai which he fled the scene in.

Rasor’s son, Jeff, said the incident was “mind-boggling.”

“[It’s] just beyond our comprehension that someone would do this for a couple of power washers.”

One of Rasor’s other relations, Corina, made a plea on Facebook for people to share images of the 83-year-old in the hopes of someone having information about the identity of the shoplifter.

She wrote: “Our hearts are broken. I will share the news stories shortly. When I do, if you could help us by sharing (and asking your friends and family to share as well) the news stories so we can spread the picture and hopefully get that one phone call from that one person who knows this person and where he is. Our family would really appreciate it.”

A spokesperson for Home Depot told Fox News Digital: “We are heartbroken by the loss of our associate Gary. He was part of our team for more than nine years. He was an amazing friend, husband, father and grandfather, always willing to help anyone.

“Right now, our top concern is supporting his family and our associates during this difficult time.”

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