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13th Jun 2023

Harrowing details emerge after man was eaten alive by shark

Charlie Herbert

Man eaten alive by shark

Warning: articles contains images and details some readers may find upsetting

The body parts of a man who was eaten alive by a shark at an Egyptian resort have been found inside the animal, who was caught and killed by locals.

Last week, footage was shared online of the man being attacked by the shark whilst swimming in the sea at the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Hurghada.

The footage showed the man thrashing about in the water and shouting ‘papa’ before he’s eventually dragged under the surface.

Following the tragic incident, Egypt’s Environment Ministry issued a statement, in which they said a tiger shark was responsible for the attack.

He was later identified as 23-year-old Vladimir Popov.

Footage online showed the moment Popov was attacked by the tiger shark (Twitter)

In the days after, clips circulated on social media of the shark being dragged to shore by boat and beaten to death by locals.

Now, more details have emerged about the horrific incident after the shark’s body was dissected by specialists.

Popov’s remains were reportedly found in the animal’s intestines, according to Arabic news outlet Al Arabiya.

Dr Mahmoud Dar, a professor at the Egyptian National Institute of Marine Sciences, also revealed that the shark was female.

Footage shared online showed the shark being dragged to shore and beaten by locals (Twitter)

Popov’s dad, Yury, witnessed the tragedy unfold, and told media, per the MailOnline: “We went to the beach to relax. My son was attacked by a shark, it all happened in seconds.”

He said no one was near his son to help and that there was nothing anyone could do.

He continued: “What kind of help can you give? This meat grinder happened in 20 seconds, he was just dragged under the water.

“This is an absolutely ridiculous coincidence, because it is a safe beach. There are ships and yachts around. It’s never happened there. They usually attack on wild beaches. It’s just some kind of evil fate.”

The father plans to cremate his son and return the ashes to their home country of Russia.

The Egyptian authorities confirmed the shark was examined by specialists to “find out possible causes for the attack and whether it was [the] same fish that caused previous accidents.”

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