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10th Mar 2022

Guinea Pig sets Guinness World Record by completing 14 tricks in one minute

Kieran Galpin


Cirque Du Soleil got nothing on Coco

A guinea pig in North Carolina has unofficially set a Guinness World Record by performing more than 14 tricks in a single minute.

Gwen Ford must be one very proud owner after her guinea pig, Coco, attempted to break the world record for the most tricks in a minute. Ford had contacted record officials and was told there was no record holder in that category.

However, they did set a base of 14 tricks for Coco to do.

Ford has now announced that Coco has passed the goal and she is awaiting confirmation from the Guinness World Records on whether her hamster is the new record holder.

However, if you thought Coco’s performance was a fluke, then you’d be sorely mistaken – for Coco is a pro. This tiny little creature has perfected around 70 tricks since Ford adopted him four years ago from a shelter. She’s only now chosen to chase the record as Coco is nearing retirement.

“He’ll likely retire from tricks now as he’s been gradually losing interest over the last 4 months,” Ford wrote in a Facebook post. “I was really hoping he could fulfil this last accomplishment before he completely quit and he did!”

People have been congratulating Coco and Ford since their announcement, with one person writing: “Well done, Coco! Legends will be told of your accomplishments!”

Another said: “Congratulations!! You guys worked so hard!!!”

“He deserves this, and so do you. You have worked so hard with Coco. He’s my favorite guinea pig,” a close friend wrote.

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