GMB guest wants over 40s to be banned from nightclubs 11 months ago

GMB guest wants over 40s to be banned from nightclubs

The debate was sparked after Michael Gove was spotted cutting some shapes at a nightclub in Aberdeen

A guest on Good Morning Britain has sparked heated debate after suggesting that people over the age of 40 should be banned from nightclubs.


Featuring on the show alongside hosts Charlotte Hawkins and Sean Fletcher and legendary DJ Tony Blackburn, reality star and singer Talia Storm suggested that maybe a ban on over-40s clubbing wasn't such a bad idea after footage emerged over the bank holiday of Michael Gove dancing the night away at a club in Aberdeen.

Warning: the footage is as unpleasant as you'd expect footage of Michael Gove clubbing to be.


So on Tuesday, Good Morning Britain posed the question 'Should over 40s be banned from nightclubs?"

Talia was pretty adamant about her view: she doesn't want to see her dad or friends dancing in a club.

Although she said that she loves seeing people "living their best loves," the 22-year-old said she doesn't want to see people like her dad or his friends "cutting shapes," and questioned whether they would enjoy the likes of Tion Wayne or Central Cee.


She added: "I think the £5 entry fee, the £2 shots can be left to us youngsters and you guys have many more options to head to."

Unsurprisingly, Tony Blackburn didn't like the sound of this, arguing that many DJs in Ibiza are over the age of 40.

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The 78-year-old said: "Do you stop them performing? It's ridiculous.

"I was 60 when I first went to Ibiza. And then when I'd done my set I went to a club that played trance music and I loved it. I don't see why it should be that you're over 40 and you can't go to a club, it's obviously ridiculous."

He told Talia: "With all due respect, someone of 22-years-old, you've only got 18 years left so you better get on with it!"


The nightclubs debate got people talking on social media as well.

One user commented: "I'd say the majority of people are partied out long before they hit 40 and wouldn't want to go clubbing. However, if they do then good luck to them. Life's for living."

Another added: "Flickin' through the tele while drinking me brew and #GMB are showing the 'dancing Michael Gove' video. Why can't people just dance in a club without being ridiculed? He's clearly having a whale of a time, not harming anyone, so just leave him to it"

A third said: "I'm 26 and I've never had an issue seeing older people in a club. They're there to have fun so am I just let it happen."

And a fourth said: "You’ll be hanging up your dancing shoes in 18 years then? How very ageist. I’m 50 in 6 months, I’m not ready to stop living my life how I want to live it. You might find that embarrassing, but I don’t give two hoots."

How about this for a compromise: just ban Michael Gove from clubbing?