Five dead and more than 40 injured after SUV drives into US Christmas parade 8 months ago

Five dead and more than 40 injured after SUV drives into US Christmas parade

A person of interest has been arrested

Five people have been confirmed dead and more than 40 people injured after an SUV sped through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Sunday night.


As confirmed by the Waukesha Police Department, the incident occurred around 4:40pm when the driver of a red SUV sped through the streets lined with locals, driving through the barricades and hitting the crowd.


Onlookers look initially bemused by the speeding vehicle. However, people quickly become shocked and distressed as they witness the car crash into the crowd.

WARNING: Images may cause distress.

It is believed that a "person of interest" has been arrested in connection with the incident and Chief Daniel Thompson of the Waukesha Police Department said there was no further threat.


In another camera angle taken by the civilians in the crowd, you can see shots fired at the vehicle as it speeds off. A police officer present at the parade reportedly attempted to stop the vehicle, discharging his weapon in the process. No is one thought to have been hurt as a result of the gunfire.

The identities of those killed and injured, at least three said to be in critical condition, have yet to be released but people amongst the chaos have spoken to local authorities and media.


Corey Montiho, a Waukesha school district board member, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “There were pompoms and shoes and spilled hot chocolate everywhere. I had to go from one crumpled body to the other to find my daughter”, adding, "Please pray for everybody. Please pray.”

Images have now appeared online of what looks to be the car in question with a heavily dented hood simply parked up next to a house.

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