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13th Jul 2023

Family attacked by crazed dog ‘battered it to death with hammer to save their lives’

Steve Hopkins

‘It was a case of the dog or them – his actions probably saved their lives’

A family reportedly attacked by their dog killed it with a hammer in order to save their own lives, according to neighbours.

Three people were left injured after being mauled by the out-of-control dog at a property in Worcester at around 9.10am Wednesday.

A 68-year-old woman was rushed to hospital with injuries originally thought to be life-threatening, but have now been described as “potentially life-changing.”

A 38-year-old man suffered serious injuries while a third male victim was hurt but did not require hospital treatment.

Neighbours have since told how the dad was forced to kill the family pet using a hammer to stop it from causing further horrific injuries.

One said his actions “probably saved their lives” after the horror unfolded on Boughton Avenue, a quiet residential street in the St John’s area of the city.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “It was a case of the dog or them – his actions probably saved their lives.

“I heard the dad used a hammer. It must have been a horrific thing to encounter but when a dog flips sometimes there’s just no going back.”

Another neighbour added: “I heard shouting at about 8.30am, then it went quiet and then it started again.

“I heard the noise and looked up and down the road and no police cars were there.

“I then saw a man leave the house and he had a hammer in his hand and when police arrived he sat on the floor in relief.”

The neighbour said around10 police cars an ambulance, air ambulance and a “black unmarked car which had two police officers come out of it with guns” attended the scene.

A third local added: “It is shocking and frightening that something like that has happened.”

West Mercia Police said officers arrived at the house to find the dog dead and administered first aid to the victims before paramedics took two of them to hospital.

A force spokesperson said: “We can confirm that the dog died during the incident when the family were trying to stop it from harming the individuals and in the prevention of it causing any more injury.”

The breed of the dog is still unknown while police await confirmation from a vet.

The force also revealed a nine-year-old boy was left with a serious leg injury after being bitten during a separate attack in Worcester on the same day.

The child was taken to hospital by his family after being attacked at an address on Portefields Road.

The dog was recovered by officers and is secured in kennels.

Superintendent Rebecca Love said: “Both of these incidents will have been incredibly traumatic for the families involved and we are wishing all three people injured a safe and quick recovery.

“A formal process with a qualified vet has to be followed to establish the breed of dogs involved and that work is underway.

“Nobody expects a loved family pet to turn aggressive and injure their owner, or anyone else, but it’s important to remember that any dog can bite.

“If you are worried about your dog’s behaviour, we encourage you to contact your local vet for advice and support.

“If you are genuinely concerned that a dog is dangerously out of control, has bitten a person or another animal or is likely to do so, then you can contact us.”

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