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18th Apr 2023

Mum decides to keep dog after it mauled three-year-old daughter’s face

Charlie Herbert

‘It’s really sad you chose your dog over your own daughter’s safety’

A mum has caused fury online after deciding to keep her pet dog despite it lashing out at her young daughter, leaving her with scars on her face.

Klara Tsetkin’s three-year-old daughter Milana needed stitches on her face after the family’s cocker spaniel Bart lashed out at her.

Instead of putting the animal up for adoption or having them euthanised, Klara chose to keep the pet and insists it “never attacked” the toddler.

She claimed that Bart had been acting in distress when the incident happened three years ago.

She explained that he had been recovering from an unknown illness at the time and so decided to find a quiet spot to hide in in the family home.

Milana needed stitches after the dog lashed out at her and bit her face (TikTok/@klara_tsetkin)

But Milana, being only three-year-old at the time, didn’t understand that the dog was distressed and needed to be given space.

In a TikTok, Karla said: “He was very sick! And tried to hide under the bed… His hind legs gave out and he couldn’t crawl away.

“My three-year-old daughter did not understand that the dog needs to rest today and not touch him.”

Bart had apparently been suffering from an undiagnosed illness at the time of the attack (TikTok/@klara_tsetkin)

When she tried to play with him, Bart lashed out as Milana tried to climb him. In a distressed state, the dog ended up biting the girl on the face, leaving her needing several stitches.

But the troubling incident caused a rift in the family when Karla decided to keep Bart, with her husband separating from her as a result of the decision.

And many have also voiced their horror and anger at the mum’s actions.


For those who asked to see how the scar looks now after a dog bite. The doctor did not tighten the stitches to the end due to a possible infection, so the scar turned out to be wide. We are planning to do a scar resurfacing. If there are those who want to help our princess, we will be eternally grateful. The link to foundraiser is here and in the profile header. 🙏🏻

♬ Mama’s Hand – Queen Naija

One person commented: “So how are you gonna feel after the next attack? This is insanely irresponsible. Give the dog away to a responsible owner. if you can’t put it down.”

Many agreed, with another adding: “At the end of the day, it’s really sad that they chose their dog over their own daughter’s safety.”

But some have been appreciative of the difficult situation the mum was placed in, arguing that the incident happened when Bart was a puppy and was a one-off.

Commenting on a recent TikTok featuring Bart, one person wrote: “I was bitten by my dog when I was 2 years old. I have scars on my face. My parents kept her – you know when a dog is bad. Mine wasn’t, this one isn’t.”

Karla regularly posts TikToks about her dog, and often posts videos mocking those who have a go at her for keeping the animal.


#answer to @moonsoon “ I WOULD NEVER..” “I WOULD BE A BETTER MOM…” “IF I HAVE A DOG..I WOULD BE..BETTER PET OWNER ” “IF THIS SITUATION HAPPENS TO ME…I WOULD…KILL MY DOG…REHOME IT…and BLA BLA BLA))) all i can sat is “don’t juge, and won’t be judged”. Best of luck 🙌🏻#momsoftiktok #momlife #momanddaughter #dogsoftiktok #momsover30 #cyberbullyingawareness #myfamily #dogsmom #dogsmile

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Another user went as far as suggesting that the incident was the perfect example of how women are put under pressure by society to be perfect mothers.

They wrote: “This happened a few years ago and y’all still bring it up and blame on the mom. She do the best she could. Don’t put lots of pressure on her.”

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