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07th Jun 2023

Eamonn Holmes asks ‘how the f**k’ he’s going to get home live on GB News

Charlie Herbert

Eamonn Holmes swears live on GB News

Viewers also heard his co-host say she’s a ‘b***h’

Eamonn Holmes and co-host Isabel Webster both swore live on GB News, unaware the cameras were rolling and their mics were on after an ad break.

Holmes has done his best to grab headlines in recent weeks by launching scathing attacks on his former This Morning colleagues Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby as the controversy surrounding them continues to swirl.

But it doesn’t seem like his rage and annoyance is limited to them though, as the 63-year-old loudly asked “how the f**k I’m going to get home today” – whilst live on air.

After an ad break on the morning news show that he presents with Webster, the pair were completely oblivious to the fact they were live and their mics were very much on.

Webster was first heard saying “I’m a b***h,” before adding “If only they knew” as viewers were dropped straight into the middle of what must have been the continuation of an off-air conversation.

Then, Holmes sighs and asks: “Now, how the f**k do you get home today?”

At this point, panic presumably ensues in the gallery as the presenters’ mics are muted.

What we then see is a brilliant piece of silent comedy where Webster is told in her ear that they’re live, quickly turning to camera and trying to act as if nothing has happened.

As Holmes puts his ear piece back in, he turns his fury to staff on the show by asking: “Are you sure we’re on air? It would be nice if somebody spoke to us. Thank you very much indeed.”

Well Eamonn, it would probably help if you had your ear piece in.

Reacting to the clip, one person said: “But HOW DID HE GET HOME?”

Another joked: “This has got more views on here than the entire viewing figures in the history of GBNews.”

And a third said: “GB News delivers again.”

In recent weeks, Holmes has been outspoken in his dislike of Phillip Schofield, following first his sudden departure from This Morning and then his resignation from ITV after he admitted he had lied about having an affair with a younger colleague on the daytime show.

After labelling Phil and his This Morning co-host Holly Willoughby a “pair of actors”, he then launched a scathing attack on Schofield expressing his disbelief at the idea that the presenter had “stepped down” from his role on This Morning.

When Schofield then admitted to the affair with a younger male colleague whilst he was still married to his wife Stephanie, Eamonn claimed that four members of ITV management had known “what sort of man he [Schofield] was.”

Eamonn himself has denied having any knowledge of the affair, hitting out at Schofield for “deceiving and lying to” him and his wife Ruth Langsford while they worked together on the show.

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