Drunk man's New Year's Eve taxi trip ends up costing him £1,640 4 years ago

Drunk man's New Year's Eve taxi trip ends up costing him £1,640

He went through three countries.

How were your New Year's Eve celebrations? Let's take a guess. You had a few quiet drinks with friends/family, joked about those resolutions that you'll never keep and just ambled along quietly before heading home to devour those Christmas leftovers.


Yep, we all did the same....apart from this man.

In what's an early contender for the worst hangover in 2018, an Oslo resident managed to rack up a taxi bill of 18,000 Norwegian kroner (£1,640; $2,220) while drunk.

On his way home, this gentleman actually travelled through three countries. The journey home started at Copenhagen in Denmark before moving through Sweden, and finally to Norway's capital, Oslo.


To make things worse, the man refused to pay the taxi driver before he decided to call the police.

After the Oslo Police got involved, they said that they found the man asleep in bed. When officers woke him, he finally agreed to pay the taxi fare.

Norwegian broadcaster NRK has stated that the man has no previous criminal record.