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25th Feb 2024

Drivers may have to retake driving test at 65, under new proposals

Ryan Price

People are referring to the petition as ‘age discrimination’.

A new petition has been put to parliament to change the legislation so that drivers over the age of 65 years old would have to retake their driving test in order for their licences to remain valid.

The appeal has been published on the UK Government and Parliament website and has over five hundred signatures so far.

Campaigner Dennis Famines, who posted the petition, stated: “I would like the Government to require drivers to retake their driving at 65, if they want their driving licence to remain valid.

They went on to write: “I travel a lot, and often see older drivers who I believe should not be driving. Some misuse turn signals, others appear to have sight issues. Reactions also worsen with age.”

The poll has to reach 10,000 signatures to receive an official reply from the Government and 100,000 to be considered for debate in Parliament.

The story first appeared on The Express, where the comment section quickly became filled with angry readers, many of which claimed that elderly motorists were “being targeted” as part of “age discrimination”.

One person wrote:  “Oh come on 65 is not even retirement age! Anyway, there are bad drivers of all ages.”

Another said: “Elderly drivers are being targeted and penalised for errors made by all age groups but more so by younger drivers who have no concern for other road users.”

One other reader called for some equality to be considered: “Age discrimination at its worst,” they said.

“Who is more likely to use a mobile phone while driving, who pays the highest insurance premiums and who is caught speeding the most?

“Everyone should be treated the same. Medical tests and driving tests. I see lots of young drivers speeding while on the phone and not wearing their seat belts.”

The petition is now closed which indicates that not many of the British public feel that elderly drivers are the problems on our roads.

Maybe another petition aimed at people on their provisional licenses will appear next week.

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