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18th Jan 2024

YouTuber arrested for dumping bucket of poo on train passengers

Nina McLaughlin

The levels that people will go to for clicks…

A YouTuber has been arrested after he chucked a bucket of faeces onto innocent train passengers.

Belgian authorities charged an individual named as Y.D. with assault, battery, damage to property using violence and property damage earlier this month.

The bucket wasn’t just made up of poo either, but a whole host of other gross substances.

It is said to have included excrement, oil, beer, water, fallen leaves and paint.

Following the arrest, the purpotrator has been identified as YaNike, and the videos remain up on his channel to watch.

The YouTuber only has 926 subscribers, so it’s safe to say he’s no major name, but the poo clips have garnered him a fair few views.

Arguably the most disgusting clip is titled ‘Suprise du chef‘, which translates to chef’s surprise, and has 43,000 views at the time of writing.

Sudinfo, a local news outlet, reported that the victim who was covered in the disgusting dump filed a complaint, as did the transport operator.