Dog the Bounty Hunter 'taunts' Brian Laundrie with banner over campsite 9 months ago

Dog the Bounty Hunter 'taunts' Brian Laundrie with banner over campsite

Safe to say the TV personality isn't keeping his search efforts under wraps

Dog the Bounty Hunter is now taunting Brian Laundrie after he claimed his search has supposedly entered its "last day" and has now flown a banner over the area where he believes the 23-year-old is camping out.


Reality TV star Dog, or Duane Chapman to use his real name, joined the search for Brian Laundrie less than a week ago and already believes he has identified a campsite the murder suspect could have been using.


Now the 68-year-old has tracked him down to a tropical location known as Shell Island; believing this is where he has fled to, Dog decided to fly a banner to let Laundrie know he's coming.

As people on social media have noted, the entire story seems to have taken a rather surreal turn as many believe Dog has made more progress than the likes of the FBI, meanwhile stunts like this somewhat take away from the very serious nature of the task at hand.


While Dog's efforts to help bring in the main suspect in Gabby Petito's murder is admirable, his return to the public eye as a celebrity and recognisable TV personality seems to be becoming a story of its own.

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