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07th Jun 2023

Documentary goes behind the scenes to see how Greggs makes its most popular items

Charlie Herbert

Greggs documentary

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Whether it’s their Yum Yums, doughnuts, vegan sausage rolls or pizza slices, it doesn’t seem like Greggs has a bad product.

So just how do they make their food so damn good?

Well, we may be about to find out, thanks to a documentary airing tonight that will go behind the scenes of Britain’s favourite bakery.

Channel 5 documentary ‘Greggs: Secrets of Their Best Bakes’ will see food critic Grace Dent try to crack the secret code of British fast food’s most enduring phenomenon.

The documentary will see food critic Grace Dent go behind the scenes of Greggs to find out just how they make their food so tasty (Channel 5)

With food boffins and chefs, she’ll be unwrapping sausage rolls, dissecting donuts and picking apart Chicken Bakes to try and find out the secret ingredients that have taken Greggs from local Newcastle legends to multi-billion pound Great British behemoth.

The journey will take her from the high street, to the frontiers of food science, and eventually behind the scenes at Greggs themselves.

Grace will meet up with renowned food scientist Dr. Stuart Farrimond to try and crack the science of Greggs, from their pastry to their sauces.

Meanwhile, industry insiders and consumer experts will offer invaluable insights.

And, for the first time ever, cameras will be allowed into the nerve centre of the operation – the ‘food zone,’ where the Greggs’ factories and R&D (research and development) kitchens are.

Whether you’re an avid Greggs fan, or only go in for the occasional sausage roll, this seems like one not to miss.

Greggs: Secrets of Their Best Bakes will air on Channel 5 tonight (May 7) at 8pm.

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