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17th May 2023

Aldi poke fun at shop charging £5.39 for chocolate digestives

Charlie Herbert


Never spend more than a fiver on biscuits. Ever.

Aldi has taken aim at a supermarket for charging more than a fiver for a pack of chocolate digestives.

Everyone knows the UK has been gripped by a cost of living crisis for the last few months. This has been largely fuelled by inflation and the price of pretty much everything going up.

This has included food, and you’ve probably noticed the cost of your weekly shop has soared compared to a couple of years ago.

Some of the price tags on supermarket shelves are so high that all you can do is laugh, with one shopper recently spotting McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives on sale for a nosebleed-inducing £5.39.

Never ones to miss a beat on social media, Aldi couldn’t help but share the post and point out to shoppers that they can purchase chocolate digestives for a fraction of the price at the supermarket chain.

They simply tweeted: “Belmont chocolate digestives: 69p.”

Last summer, shoppers were left horrified after seeing that you wouldn’t get much change out of a tenner if you were after some Lurpak.

Some joked that you’d need “3-month plans on Klarna” if you wanted Lurpak after spotting that a 1kg tub in would set you back a staggering £9.35 in Iceland.

Things weren’t much better in other chains. A 750g tub cost £7.25 in Sainsbury’s, and Asda even resorted adding security tags to their tubs of the spreadable butter.

Earlier this month, the body that represented UK supermarkets assured shoppers that the cost of a food shop “should start” to come down in the next few months.

Figures from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) found that food prices were up 15.7 percent in April 2023 compared to April 2022.

But they said supermarkets will start passing on cost savings for milk and other dairy goods due to cuts in wholesale prices.

The industry has been questioned over why a fall in wholesale food prices globally has not yet led to a prices dropping in UK supermarkets, the BBC reports.

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