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24th Jun 2022

‘Dinosaur lady’ wins internet with baffling Question Time remark on rail strikes

Steve Hopkins

Having endured Piers Morgan’s Thunderbirds questions, Mick Lynch is dragged into dinosaur debate

Mick Lynch has had a week of it, casually shutting down presenters’ questions as “nonsense” and “twaddle” and even defending his likeness to a Thunderbirds villian.

But the RMT union boss faced his most trying of questions on Thursday when a woman challenged him on BBC’s Question Time with a remark comparing striking railway workers to dinosaurs.

When asked if she thinks the RMT is taking the wrong approach by striking  – to improve their pay and conditions – the unknown woman replies: “Yes, and look what happened to the dinosaurs.”

Lynch, who has been shutting down questions all week, winning praise from the likes of Hugh Laurie and Rory Stewart, casually replies, “well, they were around for a very long time.” Dinosaurs were around 165 million years before they went instinct. 

The woman cut back in at this point: “They’re not with us now though, are they?”

Lynch replied they had been around for millions of years and added that “we are negotiating”.

Naturally Twitter had some fun with it.

RMT union workers walked out on Tuesday in the biggest strike action in more than 30 years. The action was separate to a London Underground strike in London on Tuesday.

Against an inflation rate heading towards 11 per cent, the union wants a rise of 7 per cent and has already rejected a Network Rail offer of a 2 per cent rise with a further 1 per cent tied to job cuts.

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