Mick Lynch 'remarkable' rail strike interviews win praise from Hugh Laurie, Rory Stewart and Martin Lewis 2 days ago

Mick Lynch 'remarkable' rail strike interviews win praise from Hugh Laurie, Rory Stewart and Martin Lewis

Mick Lynch has received the adulation of many after his straight-talking attitude during news and interview appearances this week.


On Tuesday, rail workers across the country went on strike, with further industrial action planned for Thursday and Saturday over pay, working conditions and job losses.

The strikes have been led by the union RMT, and their general secretary Mick Lynch made a number of television appearances on news channels on Tuesday to answer questions and explain why workers were striking.

But he was also more than prepared to stand up to any questions or statements which he felt weren't fair, relevant, or even true, resulting in many praising him for his no-nonsense attitude to politicians and news anchors across the land.


This included Hugh Laurie, who tweeted on Tuesday evening: "I don’t know enough about the rail dispute. I only observe that RMT’s Mick Lynch cleaned up every single media picador who tried their luck today."

Lynch caught the attention of many after his media appearances. Former Tory MP Rory Stewart described him as a "pretty remarkable media performer - with an uncanny knack of flustering his questioners."


And Martin Lewis said he doesn't "envy those who have to face him across a negotiating table."



Lewis shared an interview that Lynch had with Kay Burley on Sky News in which he said her questions were "verging on nonsense."

Some of his other highlights from the day included him calling Conservative minister Chris Philp "a liar" on Newsnight, telling Labour's shadow cabinet minister Jenny Chapman that he didn't even know her name, and accusing Richard Madeley of talking "twaddle."

You can enjoy the full highlights reel below.


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