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16th Nov 2016

Croydon tram was travelling at over three times the speed limit before crash that killed seven

A further 51 people were taken to hospital


The tram that crashed in Croydon last week killing seven people had been travelling at three and a half times the speed limit, say investigators.

According to the Rail Accident Investigation Branch, the tram had been travelling at 43.5mph in a 12mph zone.

The report into the derailment also says that there was no evidence of any obstructions or track defects, while no faults were found with the tram’s braking system.

The tram had been coming out of a tunnel with a speed limit of 50mph shortly before the crash, and although its driver, Alfred Dorris, had applied the brake, its speed was only reduced by 6.5mph.

Tram Removed From Croydon Crash Site

Dorris has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter since the crash, released on bail until May. According to the BBC, it is understood that investigators are trying to establish if the 42-year-old fell asleep or had blacked out prior to the crash.

The RAIB have also said that the factors that led to the tram exceeding the speed limit were still being investigated. They have also advised the London Trams and Tram Operations Ltd to put speed restrictions in place before the bend where the crash took place.

The Office of Rail and Road is said to be carrying out its own investigations into whether safety rules were being adhered to.