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27th May 2023

Crocodile farmer torn to pieces after falling into enclosure

Charlie Herbert

crocodile farmer death

One of the crocodiles dragged him into the enclosure

A crocodile farmer in Cambodia has died after he was torn apart by roughly 40 of the reptiles.

Luan Nam, 72, was trying to move one of the crocs out of the cage when it grabbed his stick and dragged him in.

This caused the other reptiles in the enclosure to “pounce” and tear his body to pieces, police chief Mey Savry told the AFP News Agency.

Savry said: “While he was chasing a crocodile out of an egg-laying cage, the crocodile attacked the stick, causing him to fall into the enclosure.

“Then other crocodiles pounced, attacking him until he was dead.”

When his body was recovered, it was covered in bite marks and one of his arms was missing.

Nam was president of the local crocodile farmers’ association.

It was reported his family had been urging him for years to stop breeding the reptiles.

Crocodiles are bred for their eggs, skin and meat in the south-east Asian nation.

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