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15th Jul 2022

Couple who smoked a joint inside the US Capitol say ‘we brought this on ourselves’

Danny Jones

Couple who smoked a joint inside the US Capitol jailed for 60 days

The pair expressed their deep regret over the infamous day

A couple who were part of the massive crowds that stormed Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021, and smoked a joint inside the US Capitol Building, have been jailed for just 60 days for their actions, remarking: “we brought this on ourselves”.

John Getsinger Jr. and Stacie Hargis-Getsinger pleaded guilty in their connection to the events both outside and inside the houses of Congress on Tuesday, with a judge sentencing them to just 60 days in prison for their part in the attempted insurrection.

An FBI investigative report indicated that four people contacted their tip line to report that the couple travelled all the way from Hanahan in Berkeley County to participate in the riots incited by former POTUS Donald Trump outside the US Capitol.

In one of them, an anonymous caller stated a video showed the Getsingers entering the building whilst shouting, “This is War! We’re storming the Capitol!”.

They were later captured on CCTV spending approximately 39 minutes inside of the Capitol, during which prosecutors said the couple also smoked a joint inside the building.

The couple from Berkeley County, South Carolina actually received 15 days longer than prosecutors requested and were also slapped with three years of probation, along with 100 hours of community service.

Speaking following their sentencing, John Getsinger admitted, “Regrettably, we brought this on ourselves,”, adding he wanted to “apologize to each and every police officer who felt threatened that day.”, as per WCSC Live 5 News.

His wife Stacie said in her own statement that he has “lost nearly everything,” since the events of the Capitol Riots, including her family, friends, job and her “dignity”, remarking that she has been ostracized from society ever since.

More than a year on from the riots themselves, a former aide of the 45th president recently revealed a number of shocking details from the events of January 6, including how he tried to grab the steering wheel from his driver when he was told he wasn’t being taken to the Capitol Building.

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