Cops ignored call-outs to have sex in their police car while on duty 1 month ago

Cops ignored call-outs to have sex in their police car while on duty

They handed in their resignations

Two Police officers ignored emergency calls to a hospital and a burglary, not because of other emergencies but because they were having an affair in the car.


Sgt Molly Edwards and PC Richard Paton, who are both married with kids, were on duty when they ignored calls to an electrical store that was being robbed. Similarly, they missed a call out to a hospital to deal with two victims of an assault outside a nightclub, reports the Mirror.

Sgt Molly Edwards Sgt Molly Edwards/ Via Facebook

The affair was revealed after Police officials bugged the car because of undisclosed suspicious behaviour.

“Aww, let’s just get naked," a recording of Paton, 39, said at a disciplinary hearing. The recording was taken at the same time they were supposed to be responding to the electrical burglary.

While the duo should have been at the hospital, they were actually parked 15 minutes away having sex.


"It is evident from the transcripts of what occurred after the call that sexual activity continued," said John Bassett, the panel chairman.

PC Richard Paton/Via Surrey Police

The sexual interactions involved the partial removal of clothing, kissing, the exposure of breasts and Paton pleasuring Edwards, reports the Mirror.

Despite Both officers having resigned from Surrey Police before last month’s tribunal, the hearing went forward without them. They found them guilty of four counts of gross misconduct and confirmed they would have been fired if still employed.


Before handing in her resignation, Edwards wrote: "It wasn’t always sexual in that sometimes it could be just holding hands.

"I enjoyed the time we had together, but became aware what we were doing was wrong and would say to him we should put a stop to it."

Though Edwards is no longer an officer, it was said she was outstanding at her job. In 2015 she received a Divisional Commendation for her 'Valiant action' in the line of duty.

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