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30th Aug 2022

Conor McGregor fans convinced UFC star posted video of sex act on his yacht

Kieran Galpin


The clip has sparked a debate online

Fans of Conor McGregor are convinced the popular UFC fighter has posted a picture and video of himself receiving oral sex on Instagram.

The since-deleted picture divided the internet and left some fans to questioning whether he was merely “stroking” his fiancée’s hair.

The 34-year-old Irishman is currently holidaying around the world on his luxury yacht with fiancée Dee Devlin, 35, having fought last in July 2021 when Dustin Poirier broke his leg.

McGregor recently partied in Ibiza but a picture posted yesterday garnered far more attention than previous antics.

The image in question appeared to show McGregor leaning back with the bottom half of his body cut off from frame.

“If you’re getting it, get it top floor of the triple deck,” the caption read.

A now-deleted video posted to his Instagram Story saw Devlin’s head in a position many fans have taken as confirmation to what they already assumed.

“Did Conor McGregor really just post himself getting head on IG story?” one fan question, with another adding: “He also posted a picture with no pants, with a caption suggesting it. It’s pretty clear what he was doing.”

The video pans to show a rather stunning view, though Devlin’s head makes another quick appearance towards the conclusion of the clip.

Other Instagram users suggested that the chosen background song, “Rehab (Winter In Paris)” by R&B musician Brent Faiyaz, was a deliberate choice.

“The song choice… I feel like this was meant for somebody to see,” wrote one user.

Other people are not so convinced and largely believe he’s just rubbing her head.

While the lack of context for McGregor’s posts has led to online speculation, some celebs aren’t afraid to bear it all to their millions of followers. For instance, Tommy Lee shared an image of his penis earlier this month that both broke the internet and started a wider conversation around the treatment of nude bodies on social media.

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