Car rams into gates of Russian Embassy in fiery blaze 2 months ago

Car rams into gates of Russian Embassy in fiery blaze

The driver of the car died at the scene

A man has died after ramming a car into the gates of a Russian embassy in Bucharest, Romania, and a firey crash that was caught on video.


Video footage that appears to show the incident, on Wednesday, was posted to a Facebook account before being reshared numerous times across other social media platforms.


The video shows the car ablaze following impact and still wedged in the gates of the embassy, though the video is yet to be verified. The driver is said to have died on the scene, local authorities say.

A statement from police in Bucharest read said the incident happened around 6am and involved  a car which "left the road and hit the fence of a diplomatic mission".

"The driver died and the intervention of fellow firefighters was needed to extinguish the fire manifested in the car." The identity of the victim remains unknown as the investigation into his motives continues.

While it is still yet to be confirmed whether the driver's actions were intentional or not, it came after locals had been protesting Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine - Romania being one of multiple bordering nations to provide humanitarian support since the war began on February 24.


The country is said to have taken more than 600,000 refugees so far and on Tuesday, they called for ten diplomats to be expelled following a spate of expulsions across the EU.

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