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17th Jan 2022

Australia confirms Djokovic is banned from country for three years

Callum Boyle

The Federal Government confirmed that Djokovic had been banned from Australia for three years

Novak Djokovic has been banned from Australia for three years, the country has confirmed.

The Serb discovered the news upon returning to Dubai on Monday morning after the Federal Government upheld Alex Hawke’s decision to cancel the world number one’s visa for a second time.

During an interview on the Today Show in Australia on Monday, home affairs minister Karen Andrews confirmed that the three-year ban was as a result of the outcome of the court decision.

“The visa was cancelled by [Immigration] Minister Hawke,” Andrews said, as per the Daily Mail.

“That cancellation was upheld by the Federal Court, so as a result of that, he will be banned from entry for three years into the country.

“Anyone coming into Australia it is their responsibility that they are meeting the entry requirements… just because you have a valid visa does not guarantee you will be able to enter Australia.

“What was given to Mr Djokovic on arrival in Australia – before he cleared our immigration processes – was the opportunity to be able to produce the documentation that was needed, which he could not.

“He wasn’t fully-vaccinated, which is a requirement. If you are not, you have to be able to provide medical evidence to support there is a medical reason why you can’t be vaccinated – that was the issue at the border.”

Andrews then added that if Djokovic were to return to Australia in that time with a convincing enough reason that a decision to allow him to re-enter the country may be considered, but stressed that it was “all hypothetical at this point.”

The decision to deport Djokovic from Australia has been met with anger from his loyal fanbase, as well as several high-profile stars in the game.

But Australian prime minister Scott Morrison has backed the decision to deport the Serb from the country and “welcomed the decision to keep our borders strong.”

However, he also stressed there could be an opportunity for the nine-time Australian Open champion to enter the country again, despite his ban.

He said: “It does go over a three-year period but there is the opportunity for them to return in the right circumstances, and that will be considered at the time.”

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