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06th Apr 2024

Airline launches ‘all you can fly’ pass for just under £500 for the year

Ryan Price

This is the cheapest subscription model pricing for air travel in the world.

An American airline has introduced a new ‘all you can fly’ pass, that allows customers to take an unlimited number of flights for an annual fee of less than £500.

Frontier Airlines, a low-cost airline which has its headquarters in Denver, Colorado, currently offer a variety of ‘all you can fly’ passes, but their most recent addition offers the most impressive value for money.

The subscription based model gives customers the chance to pay a lump sump sum in order to fly more often and ultimately save hundreds of pounds.

It also encourages them to commit to Frontier for all of their air travel, thus spending more money on baggage and on-board items with the company aswell.

The annual pass begins on May 1st 2024 and runs through until April 30th 2025 and is available for £474.


Frontier’s monthly pass allows customers to travel for windows of 30 days at a time and is available for £78 for the first month before rising to £149 per month after that.

The company also offer a summer pass – available from the beginning of May until the end of September at a limited time offer of £316 – and a fall & winter pass – valid from the beginning of September until the end of February at a cost of £790.


Customers on any of the above passes need to book a flight within a day’s notice for any domestic flights, or 10 days before an international one.

Fees for bags and seat assignments are extra, adding costs for anyone who doesn’t travel light.

As long as you trust yourself to cancel in time to not be charged for a month of flying that you don’t want, the company’s offer sounds like a very attractive one.

Passengers also have the opportunity to earn Frontier Miles while on any of the passes, allowing them to potentially avoid added baggage fees or complimentary advance seat assignments.

The company mostly operate in the US, but also offer routes to Mexico, the Carribean and Latin America.

Five other airlines also offer an ‘all you can fly’ style pass, but they’re not quite as affordable as the one’s Frontier offers.

Those airlines are Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, Porter Airlines, Air Tahiti and Southwest Airlines.

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