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A matador has died after being gored during a bullfight
Ivan Fandino fighting in 2013.

Bullfighting is a popular but controversial tradition in Spain. It is also very dangerous.

36 year old Spanish matador Ivan Fandino died in the ring, during a festival in south west France. He reportedly got his feet caught in his cloak and fell over, after which he was gored on the ground by the bull he was fighting.

French media says he survived the initial incident, but suffered a lung injury and died of a heart attack on his way to hospital.

Fandino is the first bullfighter to die in France since 1921 – but last year matador Victor Barrio was killed in an event in Spain that was being aired live on TV.

This wasn’t the first time Fandino had been injured while fighting – in 2012 he was knocked unconscious, and in 2015 he was thrown in the air by a bull.


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