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21st Aug 2015

You’ve spent your entire life mispronouncing ‘Nutella’



This is harder to swallow than actual Nutella.

There’s not many of us who don’t like a dollop of Nutella on their toast once in a while. It’s a delicious hazelnut-chocolate spread, perfect for the snacking between meals that we aren’t meant to do.

But no, even though it is made from hazelNUTS, you’ve been making a mistake by pronouncing it ‘NUT-tella’.

Its makers, who are Italian, somehow think that the best way to pronounce their product is ‘NEW-tell-uh’ and have gone that extra mile to make sure we all get the message.

Hard as this is to accept, in the FAQ section of their website, here lies the evidence…


Can’t quite see? Let’s zoom in on that…


This is simply a change we’re not ready to accept.