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31st Aug 2022

One-year-old tragically killed by four-inch hail stone during Spanish storm

Kieran Galpin

1-year-old tragically killed by 4-inch hail stone during Spanish storm

Over 50 people were injured in the short but intense storm

A one-year-old girl has tragically died after being struck by a four-inch hailstone during a storm in Spain.

The unnamed girl was reportedly hit with the orange-sized chunk of ice on Tuesday in the Catalan town of La Bisbal d’Empordà. She was rushed to Josep Trueta Hospital in Girona but sadly died this morning as a result of severe head trauma.

Roughly 50 people are believed to have been injured in the storm, many of whom suffered broken bones or cuts from the falling ice. One woman remains in hospital.

The ongoing storm is said to have also done considerable damage to property and vehicles, with roof tiles and solar panels damaged.

Catalan weather chiefs said that the hail was the largest in 20 years, having first begun at around 7:30pm on Tuesday. The young girl was hit shortly after, and the hail subsided after around 15 minutes.

The nationality of the toddler is not yet known.

Murcia Today reported that emergency services had received more than 40 calls “due to different damage to buildings and wiring.” Pictures and video captured during the deluge show the size of the ice – which was around the size of a tennis ball – littering the ground and nearby vehicles.

In one video, huge splashes can be seen as the ice hits a swimming pool, and in another, a large “thud” can be heard as the ice chunks hit the ground.

More storms are expected for Spain after a series of scorching weeks left much of Europe in weather warnings and droughts.

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