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27th Aug 2022

Drew Barrymore branded racist after posting video of her dancing in the rain

Steve Hopkins

The actor posted a video of her standing in the rain, laughing with joy

Drew Barrymore has been branded a racist by a TikTok user after the actor posted a video of her dancing in the rain and encouraged her fans to “not miss the opportunity” to do so.

Fans of the star have been left outraged after a fellow poster on the platform branded Barrymore a racist for the video that has been viewed more than 20 million times since being shared twice in May and July.

In the post Barrymore is clearly enjoying herself, laughing with joy as she feels the rain on her face. She tells her 6.5m followers, “whenever you can, go out into the rain, do not miss the opportunity”.

TikToker, @amushroomblackly, has since shared her opinion on the view, branding Barrymore a “coloniser” and compared the actor’s post to an earlier trend that saw black creators “frolicking” outside.

She said: “You and I both know you are capable of enjoying the rain, frolicking freely, without filming it and posting it to TikTok.”

The creator explained that Barrymore “cosigned people who just go out of their way to disrespect and dismiss the boundaries that black creators have set”.

The view, it seems, was not widely shared, with other social media users coming to Barrymore’s defence.

One user wrote: “I have watched this video 6 times could someone please explain to me why it’s racist.”

Another added: “I don’t get it at all. What’s wrong with her frolicking in the rain???” And a third user said: “So confused. Frolicking in the rain is disrespecting Black people.”

On TikTok users were largely overjoyed with how much Barrymore was enjoying mother nature.

The TikToker critical of Barrymore later added a series of videos trying to further her point.

She said Barrymore’s video “opened the floodgates for people who disrespect Black creators.”

A trend on TikTok in May saw Black men frolicking outside, sometimes in the rain.

Social media users were keen to point out that doing this wasn’t exclusive to Black people.

One user said: “This has gotta be the first time I’ve witnessed somebody gatekeep the enjoyment of weather. What the hell???”

Barrymore has not acknowledged the claim.

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