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20th Apr 2018

True or False? We test the legitimacy of Sting & Shaggy’s bromance

Will Lavin

True or false?

Like most, hearing that Sting & Shaggy were releasing an album together took me a little by surprise. But seeing their bromance blossom on screen and through the music they were making made me a believer.

The way in which they bounce off of one another is something that has to be seen in the flesh. So with that said we got them in a room together to test their bromance. We wanted to know how well they knew one another and whether or not their friendship needed work.

Armed with a selection of stories about each of them – some true, some false – I read these out to Sting & Shaggy and they had to guess which were true and which were me just getting my creative guns off.

The results were pretty damn hilarious.

Sting & Shaggy’s new album 44/876 is out now.