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11th Apr 2018

QUIZ: You have 5 minutes to get all the lyrics to Oasis’ Supersonic

Paul Moore

Hardcore fans should nail this

“Someone had sent out for Chinese or fish and chips or something – or Chinese fish and chips. I went in the back room, and as bizarre as it sounds, wrote ‘Supersonic’ in about however long it takes six guys to eat a Chinese meal.”

Yep, that’s right. That’s the story of how Noel Gallagher wrote the iconic anthem Supersonic…in less than 15 minutes. Since being released on 11 April 1994 as Oasis’ debut single, the track has become one of the most iconic anthems in recent memory.

Swagger, bravado and a two finger salute to the world, the track epitomises Oasis at the very best.

For a more in-depth read on the track, we recommend this piece on the supersonic performance that catapulted Oasis into the mainstream but let’ have a little fun.

You know the song inside and out, but can you recite the lyrics? Hardcore Oasis fans should be getting every single word here.

FYI, if the quiz isn’t displaying properly, you can also take it here.