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08th Oct 2018

Black Coffee says he’ll be dropping an EP next month before new album

Will Lavin

It looks like fans of the South African producer are going to be getting new music sooner than they think

It’s been three years since Black Coffee’s Pieces of Me album was released but according to the man himself fans won’t have to wait much longer for his next album.

The producer behind “Superman” – a song that Drake famously flipped for his More Life project – has said that his new album will be arriving early next year. But before that he has something else up his sleeve that is due to arrive imminently.

“What I’m going to do is release an EP,” Black Coffee told us backstage at his weekly Hï Ibiza residency. “It’s going to come out in the second week of November. The title is there, it’s called Music is King. So we’re going to release six songs on the EP and then the rest of the album is going to come out in March.”

While no exact details of who will feature on the project have come to light, Black Coffee did discuss whether or not Drake would pay back the favour of using “Superman” by hopping on a track with him.

“I don’t know,” he began. “Time changes everything for me. From wanting the biggest acts to wanting an unknown on the same album, I’m one of those types. And as I’ve been doing this album there are songs I’ve submitted to the label and they’ve been like, ‘Wow. This is so beautiful. Don’t you want to give this to a much bigger artist?’ And I’m like, ‘No’ Because the sound, the voice, the tone works very well for me with whoever is singing. So it’s always music first, you know?

“There’s a lot of people I like. Take Fat Freddy’s Drop for example. The lead vocalist there has one of the most amazing voices, ever. But then some people are like, ‘Who’s that?’ In the same sentence I’d also say Pharrell. So I’m varied. It’s more textures for me than names. So I have a lot of dream collabos and they often range from unknown to Beyonce.”

Also touching upon his recent single “Drive”, with David Guetta, Black Coffee was very surprised at how his home nation took to it.

“It’s quite special,” he started off by saying. “I’m shocked by its reception back home, mostly. Not because of David’s input, but because of the sound, because of how we balanced it. It’s not a song you’d expect from Black Coffee full stop. And I guess in some respects it’s not a song you’d expect from David also. So we met halfway and I saw it appealing more here in Ibiza but I think it’s even bigger in South Africa.

“It was an amazing journey to create such a great piece of music with him and understand his world better, you know?”

Black Coffee’s Music is King EP is due to be released in November.