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24th Oct 2023

Woman who slept with more than 300 people in one year explains how she did it


But she can’t decide if she likes men or women better

A woman who slept with 300 people in just 12-months has told how “empowering” it was.

Annie Knight, a content creator from Australia’s Gold Coast, recently revealed her bodycount to The Kyle and Jackie O Show and how she managed to find so many willing partners from the comfort of her home.

“I felt empowered afterward,” she said of her year of sex.

“Sex makes me feel good. It’s meant to make you feel good. It’s just fun and exciting.”

Knight said the messier the sex, “the better.”

Like most modern daters, Knight used popular dating apps to find sexual partners, but also used her OnlyFans page. She is in the top 0.4 per cent of creators on the platform and makes $1,000 a day.

As well as dating, Knight has eight “regulars” she meets up with on a weekly basis.

Knight sleeps with both and women, and, as you’d expect, she says both bring different things to the er, bedroom.

“I think women know a way around a woman’s body a lot better for obvious reasons, but there’s something about sleeping with a man that’s intense and passionate,” she said, adding that both have their “pros and cons”.

Knight said she couldn’t choose one over the other.

Having an account on the adult subscription service once cost Knight her job, when bosses got wind of her wild side hustle.

“I was on day five and I actually went home sick that day and I received an email saying termination of contract,” she recalled while on SBS Insight.

“I was shocked. I didn’t know what was going on.

“And I read the email and quickly saw screenshots of my OnlyFans on the email.”

The company reportedly accused Knight of not declaring her “side business”, not asking its permission to have an OnlyFans profile, and having online pornographic images of herself.

Knight now makes over $1m a year, so she isn’t overly bothered.

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