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19th Sep 2023

‘I will never get a full time job – I plan to live with my mum until I’m 50’

Steve Hopkins

The Aussie student said ‘you can’t force someone to believe what you believe’

A student has announced that he had decided that he will never work full-time as it doesn’t “align with his beliefs” – and a lot of people agree with him.

Anthony Voulgaris, a uni student from Melbourne, Australia, previously made headlines for saying that he planning to live with his parent until he’s 50.

In a TikTok post on Friday, Anthony, rather formally declared his intentions to only work part time.

“I would just like to come on here and formally announce that I don’t think full-time work is for me, yeah, personally not for me,” he said.

“I would like to sit here and provide reasons, but there’s not many.

“I just don’t think personally that it aligns with my beliefs, you know my belief system.

“You can’t force someone to believe what you believe, so yeah.”

Rather than call him out, viewers of Anthony’s post were rather sympathetic. A lot even agreed with him.

“Personally, I’m on your level, I’m fact I think I was born to be a stay at home mum/ housewife so yeah nah no work for me,” one person wrote.

Another added: “I haven’t worked full time since covid, 4 day weeks max now, I need an admin day.”

A third person wrote: “I’ve had two part time jobs for 20+ years. It is great. no office politics for me. Live the dream.”

Another person noted just a short reduction in their working hours has made all the difference: “I just went from 8-hour days to 6, and what a difference! It feels like I have so much extra free time in a day to accomplish things!”

Anthony caused a stir earlier this year when he revealed his plans to continue living at home, well beyond his student days.

He even went so far as to question why anyone would choose to leave home, announcing: “I’m staying here as long as I can.”

Anthony explained: “I get free food, I get my washing done for me – that’s lucky, a lot of people don’t get that – I’m not moving out ever.

“If I can stay here until I’m 50, I will. I’m slaving off of these people and I’ll continue to do so, happily.”

According to Statista, around 40 per cent of young adults aged between 15 and 34 lived with their parents in the UK in 2022, or around 6.7 million people, which was a decline on the previous year.

The Office of National Statistics found in March 2021, that 4.9m adult children were living with this parents in England and Wales, according to a report in The Economist.

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