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23rd Nov 2022

Man quits his McDonald’s job in the middle of a shift after being asked to clean

Steve Hopkins

‘Kids don’t wanna work, lazy as hell’

A young McDonald’s crew member shocked his colleagues, but divided the internet by walking out in the middle of his shift after being asked to clean cooking equipment.

The incident was filmed at a New Zealand fast food restaurant and has gone viral, with the initial video racking up close to 3m views. The video has since been reposted after being deleted, the user claims, because TikTok took it down for “harassment and bullying”, however, the original video is still viewable on his profile.

The video of the walk-out begins with footage of a sink piled with grills and strays after the young worker – who has not been named – had been told to get to work cleaning them.

He then tells the camera: “Hell no, I am not cleaning that, I ain’t cleaning that.”

Then adds: “Actually, I quit!”

The worker’s annoyed manager can be heard yelling at him as bewildered workers beg him to stay.

A woman frustrated by the sudden departure can be seen waving her arms in disbelief as he selfies himself out of the restaurant.

“No! Get back here!” the manager is heard screaming.


@fionnmccallum470 Repost cause TikTok took it down for harassment and bullying ?! #fyp #foryoupage #nz ♬ original sound – Fionn_McCallum

“I quit, I’m leaving Maccas. See you on the flip side b*****!” he said.

The crew member captioned the video, ‘They really thought I was going to clean that’.

People are divided over the clip with some saying the mess wasn’t that bad, and others siding with him.

One wrote: “I work at McDonald’s, I feel u.”

Another said: “That’s a normal amount of dishes at McDonald’s.” A third added: “Not even that much dawg cmon.”

A fourth person wrote: “Kids don’t wanna work, lazy as hell.”

McDonald’s has 10,000 staff at 170 restaurants across New Zealand.

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