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22nd May 2023

Man celebrates 98th birthday at work after spending his whole life working 7 days a week

Steve Hopkins

‘It makes me feel good’

A man who recently turned 89 has spoken about why he’s dedicated his life to work.

He’s spent most of it working seven days a week.

Joe Grier celebrated almost a century on 9 May and told Fox 32 Chicago how work “makes me feel good”.

The octogenarian, one of the oldest full-time employees in the country, possibly even the world, works for manufacturing company, Victory. He makes moulds for trophies and awards.

Naturally, Joe decided to celebrate his birthday at work.

He told Fox 32 that work helps him keep going: “It makes me feel good.”

Joe continued: “I’m able to associate myself with things that I’ve associated myself with for so long. It’s a habit.”

The secret to a long life, Joe told the outlet, is “controlling (his) own thinking” and maintaining a positive outlook, in the face of any problems that come up.

“It’s how you look at them and how you deal with them and then, they’re no longer a problem,” he explained.

Joe said, due to his positive outlook, he laughs, a lot, and it comes easy to him.

“Perhaps it’s because of my long years of living and the things that I’ve experienced, most things are funny,” he told Fox 32.

Joe’s happy outlook, the craftsmen suggested, is perhaps why he’s still able to turn up to work, decades after most people have put their feet up.

Victory President, Eric Priceman, has praised Joe for his hard graft and being a mentor to his workmates.

“He’s just somebody who has been here for so long, who teaches us everything, who has taught us everything.”

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