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23rd Oct 2023

Group of lads get lifetime ban from five Las Vegas casinos after huge bender

Charlie Herbert

Group of lads get lifetime ban from five Las Vegas casinos after huge bender

‘Boys made The Hangover look like child’s play’

A group of lads managed to put together one of the most chaotic and wild holidays ever seen during a trip to Las Vegas for a mate’s birthday.

There’s a reason that Vegas is known as the City of Sin, as a hive of partying and revelry arguably the gambling capital of the world.

This group of mates took this to a whole new level during their trip to the Nevada desert.

Australian YouTuber group Bread Gang had a birthday treat for their mate Cam, as they surprised him with a trip from the UK to Las Vegas instead of the flight home he thought they were taking.

Staying in a beautiful penthouse, they quickly got down to business.

In a video of their holiday, they’re seen chilling by the pool, partying in the street and being escorted out of venues by security.

They then revealed in the video that during their time in Vegas they received lifetime bans from not one, not two, but FIVE casinos, including Caesar’s Palace and the Bellagio.

This wasn’t all. The group said that two of them were arrested and spent a couple of days in jail, forcing them all to spend an extra four nights in Vegas. Meanwhile, their mate Patty Nic was robbed of $2,500 at gunpoint.

Approaching the end of their stay, and after being “kicked off the strip”, Bread Gang decided to try and make some money back.

They had some success as well, winning a grand on blackjack.

And then, they got the big idea. Take the $1,000 to the MGM Grand – presumably the only casino in the city they hadn’t been banned from – and try and “double or nothing the whole trip.

If they came up trumps, they’d carry on their North American excursion and head to Canada. If they lost, they’d fly to Germany.

The outcome? They were off to Canada after winning the round.

Reacting to the big win, they said: “That’s how you get a free trip to Vegas, boys! We just had another free week in Vegas, return flights, hotel…after the week we just had, holy s**t.”

And at the end of the video, one of the group revealed that they were still dealing with the charges they faced in Vegas, and could even be dealt a lifetime ban from the US.

Commenting on the video, many couldn’t believe what they’d just watched.

One person wrote: “Boys made The Hangover look like child’s play. What a rip, love you boys.”

A second said: “What a bloody awesome time this all looked.”

“Smashed it is an understatement,” another added.

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