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19th Feb 2024

You can get paid £400 a month to take a relaxing bath

Charlie Herbert

You can get paid £400 a month to take a relaxing bath

Is this the dream job?

There are two types of people in this world – those who only ever shower and those who love relaxing in a nice hot bath.

If you don’t think you fit into either of these groups then I’m just going to assume you never wash.

Here’s some great news if you’re one of life’s bathers though, as a bathroom company are looking for someone to be a bathtub tester.

Bathroom Deal are looking for a Bathroom Quality Assurance Tester, which involves testing and giving feedback on their tubs.

Be warned though, you’ll need to spend more than your usual time in the tub.

The job description reads: “From luxury freestanding baths and fun whirlpool baths, to classic P shaped bath tubs, the successful applicant will be expected to test out the quality of our baths so we’re confident in the bath products we’re putting online for our customers.

“You will be asked to assess your time spent in the tub based on how comfortable you found it, how relaxed you felt, how easy it was to run the bath, and various other questions regarding the caliber and practicality of the bath tubs.”


The description even encourages you to “watch Netflix, enjoy a bath bomb, listen to the radio and simply try to relax” so that you can “authentically assess both the comfortability and functionality of our products.”

The successful applicant will need to have one to four hours a week spare to meet the job’s demands. In return, they’ll be paid £25 an hour, which works out at up to £400 a month.

The job is remote, with professionals popping around at least once a month to swap out your bathtub for the next one that needs reviewing.

You may need to do a bit of maths to work out if the money is worth the extra hot water and energy you’ll be using for your regular baths, but £400 really should leave you quids in.

The only requirements for the role are that you are 18 or over, have strong written communication skills, proof of home ownership or written consent from your homeowner and a bathroom big enough for a new baths to be installed in.

If this sounds like the job for you, then you can apply on the Bathroom Deal website here.

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