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17th Dec 2023

Woman met boyfriend on ‘Britain’s dullest men’ Facebook group and claims it’s better than Tinder

Callum Boyle

'Britain's dullest men'

There’s someone for everyone

Modern day romances usually start with a message on a dating app.

Whether it be Tinder, Hinge or any of the others, more often than not these days, it’s how people tend to meet their loved one.

But one woman reckons she’s found somewhere far better than all of these dating apps.

According to Danielle Goodyear, the Facebook group titled “Dull Men’s Club” is the place to go.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Goodyear explained how she met partner James Warburton through the group in which the aim of the page is to be as intentionally boring and mundane as possible.

While some look for the next big viral meme, Danielle admits she finds the group relaxing and satisfying, “like neatly organised sock drawers”.

She even thinks that people begin to enjoy the dull parts of life more as they get older and noticed James was an avid poster, talking about topics such as his kettle.

After noticing that James had made a post about a woman accidentally adding him on Facebook before saying her finger had slipped, Danielle thought she had to get in on this and add him too.

They both began to chat and after James had joined the group in May, the pair were dating by September.

A modern love story that is definitely one to tell the fellow commuters in the Dull Men’s Club.

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