Woman lies beneath delivery driver's car to force him to carry her fridge inside 1 week ago

Woman lies beneath delivery driver's car to force him to carry her fridge inside

She demanded he install the new fridge

After delivering a parcel to a woman, a delivery driver found himself unable to leave as she had positioned herself beneath his vehicle.


A delivery driver known only as @thottyyboyy detailed the intense encounter on TikTok, where he shared footage of the woman lying in front of his tyres on July 28.

"Cant make this s**t up," he captioned the video.

"Look at this crazy sh*t man," he said. "Like, like, for real bro she wants me to hit her."


The camera pans to see another woman in front of the vehicle, presumable blocking his escape.

@thotty.boyy Cant make this shit up ??? #Fyp #Viral #karen ♬ original sound - Thottyyboyy

The unnamed woman beneath the car then exclaimed that they simply wanted him to "the refrigerator in the house."


"We can't lift that thing. We don't even have a dolly," She added.

The original video has since amassed over 23 million views and racked up more than 3 million likes.

In a series of updates, the TikTok creator detailed how he originally planned to drop off the fridge before the two women asked him to remove the old one and replace it with the one he delivered.

@thotty.boyy Part 2 “ My Twin Not Movin Nathaniel “?? #Fyp #viral #karen #StoryTime #homedepot ♬ original sound - Thottyyboyy

"So she tell me you ain't going nowhere' till it's done'," he explained.

Of the 30k comments, the winner goes to: "The definition of "over my dead body."

Most users are in complete agreement with the creator, with one comment receiving 197k likes.

@thotty.boyy PART 3 “ THIS WHAT HAPPEN “ So Yall Can Stop Askin Me “ ?? #storytime #fyp #viral #karen ♬ original sound - Thottyyboyy

It reads: "There's a difference between delivery and installment."

Another said: "Respect the delivery guy, don't expect him to work for free. Thank you for having a cool head, no doubt this could've went really off the rails."

A third suggested: "lol how much you wanna bet they chose drop off cause they didn't wanna pay for install and haul away."

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